It's a movement

GSOC's strike against NYU passed the hundred day mark late last week and this week Nerds on Strike! is reporting that 25 GSOC members have been docked pay and placed on Sexton's blacklist. All in all, this is a good day to donate to the strike fund.

It's also a good day to remember that the NYU strike is part of a large and growing movement. So here's some context:

Item: Graduate Employees at Western Michigan University petitioned last week for a recognition election to take place in the spring. In just over a month their organization, the Teaching Assistants Union, collected approximately 400 membership cards out of a bargaining unit of a little over 600, so their chances look pretty good. The Kalamazoo Gazette has the rest of the story.

Item: Graduate Employees at the University of Illinois-Springfield filed cards last month and will have their recognition election on Wednesday, March 1.

Item: GTFF, the union representing graduate assistants at the Univerisity of Oregon has just begun negotiations for their next contract. They've set up a bargaining blog in case you'd like to follow the action.

Item: CUPE 3902, the union representing grad employees at the University of Toronto, ratified their latest contract this month.

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