They came, they saw, they commented

Readers and contributors may have noticed that we had an influx of visitors on Friday. That was because Shakespeare's Sister gave us a link. Here's to you Shakes! And be careful, I hear that there's a watery tart lurking around with a gun.

Probably we've scared the visitors away by now, but one left a comment that I thought warranted a top level reply.

In response to Defcon 1's post Mardi Gras-ing, Kim asked, "The essay serves as deuteragonist to the boobs?"

This is really a question for Defcon, but I'm pretty sure that he would say that the essay is not, in fact, a deuteragonist to the boobs. My thinking here is that, as a writer, he would give pride of place to his words rather than have them serve as a mere foil for a stranger's breasts. I could, of course, be wrong.

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