Holiday cheer

To my mind the best thing about Veteran's Day is that all the war movies on cable finally motivated me to get down to business and solve Medal of Honor: Frontline.[1]

Actually, MOH:Frontline is kind of a disappointing game. I haven't played any other games in the franchise, so I don't know how it compares, but my basic complaint seems likely to be generalizable. The problem, namely, is that aiming the gun is extremely kludgy. Usually it's simpler to just get the gun somewhere near chest level and then run around until it's pointing at a nazi.

Maybe that's a problem with PS2 shooters period. I'm not much of a shooter aficionado myself, so maybe one of the more bloodthirsty gamers out there can chime in.
1 I'm happy to report that after only two hours of cursing, I've figured out how to climb a ladder. The secret? Look up.

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