Lightning-round film reviews

I always see a couple films over the Thanksgiving vacation, and this year I actually caught four. Here are some quick impressions.

For Your Consideration

Jason and Megan give it two big thumbs up (Megan's thumbs are remarkably big). If you like Christopher Guest's movies, you will like this Christopher Guest movie. In the arc from Spinal Tap to later films such as A Mighty Wind, I find that the later films are sadder. Where watching Spinal Tap can be uncomfortable at times, I never feel very bad for the characters. In this latest film, I really do get more emotionally invested in their tragedies, especially when they bring their troubles upon themselves.

Casino Royale

Jason, Megan, Tom, Danna, Paul, and Emily give it six thumbs up. It did drag a bit towards the end, but as a James Bond origin story, I highly approve of the particulars of the plot twist.


Jason and Megan give it two thumbs down. At the halfway mark, I still thought it might be a serious movie with something to offer, but it was all smoke and mirrors. The lesson I took from the movie is that white Americans shouldn't go where the brown people live, because brown people are dangerous. Brad Pitt looked really old, too. I don't know if that was makeup, or if the Angelina Experience is taking a heavy toll.

The Fountain

Jason, Megan, Tony, Tyson, Carrie, Mike, and Clea give this film seven thumbs down. The critics give this film many thumbs down. KUT's John Aielli gives it a thumb up. Who you gonna trust?

I really wanted to like this film, but... yuk. Apparently, the secret of immortality is the ability to make a 90 minute film feel like it is four hours long.

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