Kazakhstan Is Most Glorious Nation, Will Not Adopt Yak Shaving Policies of Jerkoff Uzbek!

In the midst of an otherwise reasonable post, Ric James at HoodaThunk writes:
Once again, I’m disappointed in a federal judge that makes use of the laws, regulations, and practices of foreign nations in producing his ruling as opposed to applying US law. I am completely disinterested in why Mexico or Germany or Latvia produces their money in the way they do....

Completely disinterested? Really?

Conservatives seem to me to be willfully ignorant of what judges (and legislatures, and governors, and smart people) are doing when they look to the practices of other nations. In the conservative world-view, if France does something, you can bet there's a judge who wants to do it here.

In reality, of course, we're just doing the same thing that companies do when they look at their competitors: That is, evaluating best practices and looking at the consequences of policy changes. Ignoring the empirical data from the rest of the world is provincial and, well, idiotic. It seems to me that conservatives know this and that they are disingenuously buying in to this dumb argument as part of their broad-based, ill-considered attack on the judiciary.

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