Iraq go boom

It appears that there are no good outcomes possible in Iraq. James Baker can't make it rain. All options are bad. However, I do want to say something to my anti-war friends:

I stood with you in opposing the war because it was perfectly obvious to some of us that it was an unjust use of pre-emptive force and that it was highly likely that it would lead to something like what we are now experiencing.

But it also seems perfectly obvious to me that pulling our troops out at this juncture will unleash a genocidal bloodbath in the region, and that will be largely our fault. So please stop pretending otherwise.

I'm not even opposing the proposal that we should bring our troops home now. But that policy should only be adopted with the acknowledgment of the likely result: The slow-motion catastrophe we are living through now will surge full speed ahead.

(Here's hoping Baker, Gates, or the Democrats prove me wrong and generate a workable idea.)

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