Notes on film

  • Children of Men - Honestly, it rocked my world. My only complaint was that the politics were hitting me in the face a little bit too often. Hard to say how that will look twenty years from now, though, when the images of Abu Ghraib aren't quite so fresh. Also, I forgave the film for it's optimism when the fighting started back up. All in all, a must see for anyone with even a passing interest in the cinema of post apocalyptic dystopia.

  • Sgt. Bilko - In the opening scene Steve Martin's Bilko deliberately loses a $500 dollar bet so that he can double the stakes and win, triumphantly, $1000. Do the math.

  • The Big Chill - I liked this film well enough back in the day, but have systematically avoided it for most of the last fifteen years. Seeing it again, now at more or less the same age as the characters, made me wonder why my college buddies didn't all stay so skinny.

  • The Butterfly Effect - I'd say it was unwatchable, but I watched it.

  • Pan's Labrynth - Pretty enough, and maybe worth seeing again, but at first blush the existentialism as answer to fascism stuff seems a little dated and naive.

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