Usability complaint Friday

You know what chaps my hide? Aggressively bad design.

I'm renting a Chevy Aveo this weekend, and I honestly think that it's the worst car I've ever driven. It's loud. It's small. It's underpowered. The seat is uncomfortable. Visibility is bad. The car doesn't even get particularly good mileage.

But what I really want to talk about are the cupholders. Take a look at the photo to the left and ask yourself, "where does scalding hot coffee go?"

If your answer is, "Behind the emergency brake, under the armrest" then you've had the misfortune of driving this disaster of a car.

Everything about this car seems intended to communicate to the prospective buyer or renter that they'd be better off spending a little more. Which, you know, goes a long way toward explaining why it's downright idiotic to buy American[1] if you're in the market for an economy car.

1 Note that the Aveo, despite being a Chevy, is actually built in South Korea by Daiwoo.

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