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Silohomes are definitely cool, but at $1.8 million for a fixer-upper, a missile silo is way out of my price range. The real deals are on hardened communications bunkers:
Orleans, Indiana, Hardened Underground Communications Vault on 3.21 acres, 1960’s vintage nuclear war-proof communications center with 9,589 sq. ft. usable floor space. Hardened 24” thick walls and ceilings with 2’ to 4’ of earth over with metal shielding around entire structure, heavy blast doors, air vents with filters and blast valve closure mechanisms. 3 phase grid power to site, plus a large 225-230 KW generator in place. 20’ by 20’ above-ground entry with man doors and a push-button commercial over-head door with electric hoist to move equipment in and out. Lots of original equipment in place and functional. Asbestos has been removed. Tower has been removed. Dry and relatively clean.

Price: $227,000.00

Surprisingly affordable.


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