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Item: It's time to make some additions to the blogroll. Please update your lifestyle accordingly.
  • Seasonville is graphic, bracing, and occasionally revolutionary.
  • The blog previously known as The Blog and presently known as That Cagey Girl will be known on the blogroll as Ksenya.
  • For the sake of consistency, the blog titled For Real Things I Know will be blogrolled as Solomon.
  • And then there's Mike Bader, who should rename his blog The Constitutional Robot.
  • Lastly, so this isn't just all people I know, I'm throwing up True Hoop.

Item: Speaking of the blogroll, several of the blogs over there seem to be moribund, so I'm removing them. Farewell to Confined Space, dailysoy, Fall of the State, funferal, Malcolm Gladwell, House of Labor, Glenn Greenwald (which I know just moved to Salon, but that's death to me), january girl, Running from the Thought Police, and Strip Mining for Whimsy

Item: There are a number of movers on the blogroll, some of which are shakers. The blogroll has been updated accordingly.

Item: I came across this video when clicking through to Uffish Thoughts for the first time in awhile. How could I not post it?

Item: I added a link to Jazz Discography Project under Useful Stuff because it's freaking awesome. Also, I eliminated the link to The NY Times Link Generator because the Times now makes it possible to get a permalink for any article.

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