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Via PR Leap ("Over 2400 companies use PR Leap to get free press release distribution!"), this little gem just came in:

Retired Elementary School Teacher Locked Up in the Nut House For Having Morgellons Disease

Marlene Gregor is a gentle, kind woman who has suffered from a disease called Morgellons, tells here story of how her family felt it best for her to have onsite psychiatric care because she was complaining of “bugs biting and scratching me”. The truth is, she did have bugs under her skin, along with lesions all over her body with multi-colored fibers protruding from them. She also suffered depression, ‘brain fog’ and deep bone pains that no doctor could diagnose.

This horrifying and fascinating disease affects thousand of people in the United States and globally with major concentration of victims in California, Texas, Florida and Oregon. However, many physicians do not recognize Morgellons as a disease and are diagnosing the victim as Delusions of Parasitosis.

Whenever she would see a doctor, and she saw many, they would tell her “it is all in your head”. Marlene knew differently. She began to take a “clustered silver” product that drove the bugs out of her body. She could actually see them exiting. Her depression began to fade along with her brain fog. Her energy returned. And just when she thought she was over the hump, her husband and daughter had her committed, by court order, to the psychiatric ward of their local hospital.

While in the hospital, she convinced her neighbor to smuggle treatment into the hospital where she continued to heal. Marlene spent 4 weeks in the hospital and when she was finally released, nearly all of her Morgellons symptoms were gone. Marlene believes that it will take time to rebuild the trust that was broken between her and her husband. For the moment, Marlene is functioning well without the horrible symptoms of Morgellons consuming all of her time and attention. Marlene plans to produce a video telling her story to the world so that that it will bring hope to those who continue to suffer from this dreadful disease.

Her story and the video will be the second featured on www.MorgellonsHope.com, a site dedicated to supporting Morgellons sufferers, and their friends and families. Jeff Sohler, the site’s founder states, “Morgellons really is the first Internet disease. We felt the best place to support sufferers and bring more awareness to the disease is through this medium. Eventually this awareness will spill out to other areas, and the disease will get the research funding it needs. Of equal importance, its sufferers will be taken seriously and stories like Marlene’s will become a thing of the past.”

MorgellonsHope.com is an on-line Community dedicated to supporting sufferers of Morgellons Disease. The site features the Latest News, Articles, Pictures, Videos, Blogs, Case Studies, a Forum, GeoMap, Product Information, links to just about everything Morgellons on the

Yeah, it does just trail off at the end like that. The only alterations I made were the bolding on some of the more ludicrous sentences.

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