Now the green grass grows

Wobblie's latest installment of Punk Rock Monday reminds me of a thought I had last night while listening to Ritual de lo Habitual. Wobblie wrote about The Pixies that, "While I can listen to every single track on every single album they released, it's obvious that Surfer Rosa and the Come On Pilgrim EP are head and shoulders above the rest of the catalog."

I think that's about right. What I was thinking last night was that although there was a time when I would have told you that my favorite Jane's Addiction record was the live album, or maybe even Nothing's Shocking, it seems obvious to me now that Ritual is the best of the bunch. I guess I used to have trouble believing that a record could both be ridiculously popular and awesome.[1]

Just to throw some controversy into the mix, let me add that I think Check Your Head is the best Beastie Boys album.

1 This even though I was one of the people who started listening to Jane's Addiction on the basis of the radio single from Ritual. I can even tell you where I first heard Been Caught Stealing. It was in Joe6Paq's car on the way back from selling plasma (or maybe on the way there). I didn't see the video until years later, but I understand that the kids liked it.

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