Saturday sporting thread

Item:: Playoff games on NBA TV? Unacceptable.

Item: JaMarcus Russell is the second coming of Ryan Leaf and I'm excited to see that he'll be failing for the Raiders.

Item: I think we can all agree that the worst draft choice in the history of the Kansas City Chiefs[1] was Todd Blackledge, but who was the best? Among players currently on the roster the choice seems to be between Tony Gonzalez (13th pick in 1997) and Larry Johnson (27th pick in 2003). Will Shields was a third round pick in 1993, Dave Szott was a seventh rounder in 1990. Neil Smith (2nd in 88), Derrick Thomas (4th in 89), and Dale Carter (20th in 92) should probably all be in the mix as well.

Item: The Detroit Tigers will have a great season if they can figure out a way to hold leads in the late innings.

1 - I know, I know. If I had my way they'd rename the team 'The Monarchs'.

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