Item: Anybody catch Spike Lee being interviewed on the convention floor? He was with the Indiana delegation, I think. I also think he was soused.

Item: The media sharks are thirsty for blood and wish Warner had lit into McCain. Speaking as a jet, my view is that Warner's speech reminded me of the best parts of Clintonism.

Item: Lenny Kravitz, Tom Petty, John Tesh. Quite the star studded soundtrack for the Hillary Clinton tribute video, but now that she's on stage I can't identify her theme song. It's no equal to the old standby.

Item: Pluck! Pluck! Sarcasm is really the only way to break through when a politician is that good at hitting the heart strings.

Item: What law says Joe Biden can't wear a nice hat? "Obama, Biden, and a hat!" There's a slogan you can win with.

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