Holy crap. Watch MSNBC if you can.

...to continue, I was going write a whole post about the pick now that I'd had awhile to think about it, but the exercise now seems pointless. I'm telling you, this is game over.

I'm sure clips will be everywhere soon, and the story itself has been out there awhile, but basically what happened is that MSNBC got the fired police commissioner on the line and he very calmly laid out the facts and, as they say at the OG, BOOM!

He was extremely credible, to say the least, and the picture he painted was vivid.

There were, he said, 17 calls from the governor, her family, or her staff to him, including two contacts from the governor herself. The purpose of the calls was clearly to get him to fire a trooper, Wooten, who was in the midst of a messy divorce from Palin's sister. The commissioner didn't fire him--the douche, Trooper Wooten, that is--and then the police commissioner was himself fired. That's an abuse of power any way you slice it, and to add insult to injury, she's lied about it repeatedly and publicly.

Whatever you think about Wooten, and he sounds like a dick, this is about the rule of law. As bad as the Bush Administration has been, at least they haven't used the apparatus of the state to pursue personal vendettas.

The important question now is, how long until she's off the ticket?

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