The rumored pick would seem to indicate that McCain is trying to let us know that he's more like Bush the elder than Bush the shrub. On the politics, Palin is credited by the National Review crowd with fighting against the corruption of the Alaska GOP, but at best this is going to mean that she spends a lot of time talking about the corruption of the Alaska GOP. From the point of view of overall strategy, this pretty obviously means that the McCain campaign intends to double down on offshore drilling.

Addendum: I guess the question we're supposed to to be considering is whether Clinton voters will be impressed by McCain's decision to pick a woman. My guess is that this will be seen for what it is -- opportunistic and cynical. It's not as if he picked an equal who would challenge him. No, he picked a lightweight former beauty queen.

Double Plus Addendum: The first line of this post was meant as a reference to Dan Quayle, but I don't think I really sold it. Anyway, I just read that Palin is the same age Quayle was when named to the Elder's ticket, so there you go.

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