I have come here on a pious pilgrimage to one of the numerous lands of my fathers

Let it not be said that the Obama campaign is above hitting below the belt. They've got an attack ad in rotation here in Michigan -- during FOX News Sunday no less -- that, while completely fair on the merits, doesn't shirk from pushing hard on voter fears that McCain is too old for the presidency.

The premise of the ad is set by a quote of John McCain saying that the economy is fine. You then get a parade of regular people who aren't fine -- a veteran who can't find a job, a working class man dealing with inflation, a middle aged woman calmly expressing anger. The message is clear, John McCain is out of touch.

But why is John McCain out of touch? As the ad ends, the same John McCain quote is played again. And this time you can't help hearing how tired McCain's voice sounds. He's tired of explaining this same thing to you again, sure, but mostly he's just downright dog tired. Just look at him there in that picture. The man is worn out. Old. Old and out of touch. John McCain.

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