Wednesday omnibus applesauce reconciliation post

Item: This growing sense among the pundit class that there's something terribly wrong with the Obama campaign {insert: 'for not savagely attacking John McCain' -- dr} strikes me as symptomatic of a cramped way of thinking about effective political discourse. Biden will attack tonight, and that's important, but blood lust isn't the only emotion that the electorate responds to and the Democrats understand that. [3:40 pm]

Item: Damnit, I missed Kansas. [6:17 pm]

Item: I tried to surf around to see how the various outlets were covering the roll call, but I could only find it on C-Span and MSNBC. Fox News is on the floor while it's going on, but it isn't their primary focus. [6:20pm]

Item: I don't know who this person is calling the roll, but she's doing some weird game show announcer schtick and America does not approve. [6:30]

Item: My fellow Americans, The O'Jays! [6:40 pm]

Item: Fox News just floated the idea that Barack Obama might nominate Hillary Clinton to the Supreme Court. [7:30 pm]

Item: Finally. Jesus. Pursuant to rule c-11!!! [10:19 pm]

Item: To expand on the blood lust point, it's relevant here that the pundit class is made up largely of white dudes and is amplifying the talking points of a white dude dominated political party. I'm telling you, if I'm a serious Democrat and I'm looking for votes, white dudes are not my base and my theatrics aren't going to be aimed at them. [11:28 pm]

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