Hating on moderates

Meanwhile, because sensible moderates like Saletan won't do the hard ground work of preserving abortion rights -- he's not "a member of the movement," he assures readers -- the task has fallen to a smaller and smaller segments of the left. Of course such people seem strange to Saletan, though the picture he draws of "earnest" women with "backpacks or spiky hair" who are "absolute relativists" and could use a dose of "humor" is hardly one that's uncommon in anti-feminist writing. But who did Saletan expect would still be maintaining choice as a fact rather than a word game at this point in history, when even moderate pro-choice supporters feel that the best use of their faculties is to try to convince an American public that already considers abortion to be taboo that it's "bad"? |Garance Franke-Ruta|

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