Slow news day I guess

Here are the opening paragraphs of yesterday's front page (above the fold!) story in the Ann Arbor News:
Forty years ago today, for a brief but interesting time, Washtenaw County became the flying saucer capital of the Midwest.

It started when a Dexter farmer named Frank Mannor and his 18-year-old son, Ronald, told the Washtenaw County Sheriff's Department that a strange flying object appeared and landed in a swampy area at Quigley and Brand roads. |link|

Interesting stuff, sure. News? Maybe forty years ago. My favorite part of the article comes at the end, when the reporter quotes Harry Willnus, one time director of the Michigan state chapter of the Mutual UFO Network.
Willnus has a copy of the police report from that night, and said there's no way that it was swamp gas.

"For instance, it mentions that the object was observed to rise to an altitude of approximately 500 feet, and then return to the ground," he said. "Swamp gas doesn't do that. It only goes off the ground a few feet. It mentioned when it took off, it sounded like a rifle shot in a canyon. Again, swamp gas doesn't do that."

So what was it?

"We can't be sure," he said. "It was, I think, either a craft that came from off the earth, an extraterrestrial, or some kind of one-dimensional device. And I'm starting to use the word multiverse rather than universe ... Some kind of one-dimensional craft, perhaps, that came into our realm and then left."

Clearly, Willnus is no crackpot. I mean, he knows about the multiverse.

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