Pure evil or good business

Logicians know, of course, that the truth conditions for the disjunct are such that the titular sentence will remain true when both clauses are satisfied. This is often a source of confusion for students, who are inclined to think that 'or' implies exclusivity, but there you go.

Last night at about 3am I headed out to Meier to buy some necessities: blanket, pillow, toothbrush, toothpaste, aspirin, hot pockets, and antacid. On the way out of the parking lot I noticed that right across the street -- where there had been an empty field a few months ago -- a Wal-Mart had popped into existence.

This struck me as odd since I knew for a fact that there was another Wal-Mart less than a mile away. Curious, I drove by to see if the other store was still open for business. Yup.

So, basically, what's happened is that Wal-Mart has opened a new store for no other reason than to draw shoppers away from the only remaining competition in town.[1]

Still only one Starbucks.

1 Said town being Champaign/Urbana where I happen to be this weekend, not Ann Arbor.

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