Am I evil?

Writing about Tony Snow's cancer today, Ogged -- a cancer survivor himself -- had this to say:
Best of luck to him. I want my right-wing hacks discredited, not dead. We have to believe in redemption. |Unfogged|

What to say? Let's start with this. Cancer freaks me out. Pretty much everyone on my mother's side of my family is dead, and they all died of cancer. Two summers ago a friend of mine died of leukemia. And of course Neal's wife Sarah is in treatment for breast cancer, and I'd strongly prefer that things go well.

I also believe in redemption, or something like it. People can change, and they do. My grandmother, for example, was a thoroughly unpleasant woman for the great majority of her life, but during the year or so that her lung cancer was in remission she was a real sweety.

On the other hand, by my reckoning Tony Snow is a seriously evil dude. Let's remember that even before he became a willing participant in and designated dissembler for the moral catastrophe that is the Bush administration, he was a member of a right wing punditocracy that does its level best to enable and legitimize policies that any decent person would be ashamed of. He ought to have known better, and frankly I think that he probably did. Why shouldn't I wish him ill?

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