Philosoraptor, strike!

Here's the PoMo modus operandi: say a bunch of stuff. Make sure some of it is preposterous, and some of it is obvious. When speaking to other PoMo types, or trying to prove how innovative you are, emphasize the preposterous stuff. When pushed to defend your position by obdurate, retrograde, logocentricists--like actual philosophers or scientists--fall back to the obvious stuff and pretend that that's all you ever meant, that only a fool would interpret all that preposterous stuff at face value. The academic bait-and-switch.

Tragic waste of the human spirit, that stuff.

This is my exact experience dealing with committed post-modernists. To be a little more charitable, I don't think that the ones I have known have been deliberately deceptive, as Mr. Smith seems to think. Instead, it seems to me that they have adopted a strange state of mind where the "bait-and-switch" is a consistent and natural feature of their worldview rather than a rhetorical attempt to bamboozle. However, I think their mindset is confused and nonsensical. It always seems like they have to exert a lot of effort just to maintain this somewhat hallucinatory perspective.

They, of course, think I just don't get it.

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