Hell no they don't believe their own bullshit

Most of what the Democrats want to do in Congress is just unwise, but H.R. 800, the Worker Compulsion Act, is vile. The statute, a thank-you to organized labor for its role in November's elections, would deprive American workers of the right to a secret ballot in union certification elections.

The secret ballot is a fundamental tenet of any effective democracy, and has been part of American labor law for many years. There is no possible explanation for why the Democrats want to abolish the secret ballot, other than the truth: they are trying to enable coercion and intimidation by union thugs.

The quote is from Powerline, though I hesitate to ascribe authorship since on this issue everyone on the right just cuts and pastes talking points from the National Association of Manufacturers.

For the record, the bill is actually called the Employee Free Choice Act. But whatever. At least they spelled 'democrats' right.

Here's the deal. The reason that unions want card check recognition isn't that unionists oppose secret ballots or want to 'enable coercion and intimidation by union thugs.' The reason is rather that employers have a well documented tradition of fighting tooth and nail to prevent recognition elections from taking place at all. It is laughably dishonest for NAM and their proxies to claim, in the face of mountainous evidence to the contrary, that their objection to the bill is grounded in a commitment to worker democracy.

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