Dumb question

I'm thinking about buying a stereo to replace the one that was stolen[1], and I'm confused. Here's the thing. I have less than no interest in a home theater system and the surround sound that such a system implies. I want a stereo. For music. Two channels of audio bliss combining to produce a homey 3D sound. But I also want a subwoofer. Perhaps stupidly, I believe that a good old fashioned two channel reciever won't let me hook up a subwoofer. Is it possible to connect a subwoofer to something with fewer than 6.1 channels and 87 buttons?

For the record, I care a whole lot more about clarity than volume. So maybe I'm also stupid to think that I even want a subwoofer.

1 Which stereo was a hand me down from Jason, replacing the very nice stereo that I sold very cheaply in a haze of moving and sex which is actually the stereo that I am now, nine years later, replacing.

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