Busted down to "Lieutenant America"

The boys at the Corner, jumping off this WSJ editorial about the death of Captain America, lament just "...how left-wing popular comics can be."

I love reading The Corner. It's a blast just trying to grok the world in which writers and artists are expected to be conservatives instead of broke bohemians. Perhaps Cliff May thinks comic book creators in the 70's were publishing tycoons, hobnobbing with the upper crust, rather than, you know, artists and writers, struggling to pay the rent.

Slightly more seriously, I suspect that because of the nature of their job, comic-book writers do more thought experiments about power and it's responsible use in a year than Cliff May does in a decade.

"With great power comes great responsibility" --Stan Lee

UPDATE: Matthew Yglesias, who apparently still reads comic books (and there's nothing wrong with that, people), found another example of Cliff May's handwringing over the antics of men in tights.


P.S. Last night on Colbert, Colbert found out that Captain America left his shield to Stephen Colbert! He found out from a letter from a Marvel editor that contained the phrase, "Welcome to the Marvel Universe."

That's pretty awesome.

P.P.S., I'm amazed we didn't mention Captain America on this blog last week.

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