It's not all about unions

Kevin Drum reads Megan McArdle and concludes that here, finally, is confirmation that advocates school-voucher programs have only one real goal: The destruction of teacher unions.

He may be right about McArdle, but I can tell you with some certainty that many lay-folk who like vouchers are more interested in providing alternatives to "liberal" public education than they are with the alleged icy death-grip of teacher unions. Just look at how agitated people get about what goes into science textbooks.

I'm not sure of which issue has more emphasis across the nation, but the Kansas-style republicans I have met don't think about unions a lot, they just want to get some more Jesus up in there. Vouchers, they think, will allow them to shift the fight about how we indoctrinate our kids to more local, quieter battlegrounds, where they feel they can win more often.

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