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Just between you and me, I do think that Twisty Faster sometimes lays it on a little thick. On the other hand, listening to moviegoers casually heckle previews of Brokeback Mountain while waiting for King Kong to start makes me think that Twisty's brand of over the top patriarchy blaming cultural criticism fills a need. Plus, she's funny.[1]

Anyway, I bring it up because I Blame the Patriarchy has moved, but I'm too lazy to update the blogroll. So there's a link and here's some of the good stuff.
All Western art, both hi and lo–and particularly, it seems, expressions of pop culture–emanates from a rotten inner core of white male privilege, but Lucy’s entire premise pivots on such a flagrant and truly disturbing theme of misogyny that persons under 18 shouldn’t be allowed to watch it without adult patriarchy-blaming supervision. Last night I saw a few scenes from an episode where Ricky threatens Lucy with physical violence for having bought a new hat without his permission. “Take it back,” he yells, “that’s an order!”

Yipes! Come on, Lucy, tell him to shove it up his butt! He’s a menacing, domineering asshole! Dump his fucktarded ass and run off to L.A. with Ethel!

But she doesn’t, because it’s 1954 and she is an infantilized submissive with no personal sovereignty–essentially a paid whore–who cannot directly challenge her manly man. When Ethel warns Lucy that “Ricky’s gonna kill” her, you get the uneasy feeling that the motherfucker isn’t above bitch-slappin’ her when she gets too uppity. It’s just too painful to watch. Lucy and Ricky are the Itchy and Scratchy of their generation. |I Dislike Lucy|

1 Though not as funny as the spectacle of a man being freaked out by the very idea of gay cowboys after he's paid to see a movie in which the really serious romantic action is between a vaudeville actress and a giant ape.

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