The new The Bellman, now with blogroll

I've spent today mucking with the template. The way things are now is pretty much the way things will be unless my modifications have led to terrible errors for readers trying to access the site. Let me know if anything blew up in your browser..

There are a couple of pieces of blog news to be related. First, as readers may have surmised, blogspot is our new home for the forseeable future. The old url, thebellman.org, still works, but you may want to update your blogroll. Second, the contributor formerly known as 'The Bellman' is now posting as 'Jason'. The explanation, simply enough, is that he kept confusing himself with the blog. This was especially disorienting during spam storms, meals, and love making.

Oh, and I turned on syndication. Our feed is located at: thebellman.blogspot.com/atom.xml

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