I'm in the midst of a crappy sci-fi novel in which the author repeatedly uses the word 'quiviran' as an adjective. Now, I know that Quivira was the city of gold that Coronado was after when he got stuck with Wichita, but I can't find any attestations of a lower-case adjectival form.

Clearly there's a figurative use in the offing, but I'm not sure what it is. Thoughts?

Update: So, it turns out that in the universe of the trashy sci-fi novel, a quivira is a kind of virtual reality chamber. So, dreams, plans, desires and whatnot can be described as quiviran with the implication that bringing them about would require that the dreamer/planner/desirer have more control over the nature of reality than they actually do. A vivira appears to be, in the universe of this particular particularly awful book, a sort of holgram enabled telephone.


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