Open thread: Thursday night Superman edition

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What's on my mind is this: How bad is WB's "Smallville?" The show has an ungodly hold on me--despite of it's overarching and relentless awfulness--by virtue of it being about Superman. But even when I think I've seen it at its worst, it manages to surprise me. For example, the writers on that show expect me to believe that it is a matter of life or death whether or not Jonathan Kent beats Lex Luthor in an election for... wait for it... the Kansas State Legislature. Next, I suppose Luthor will have his henchmen infiltrating the Older Smallville Neighborhood Association.

Item 2: Jonathan Kent is played by John "Bo Duke" Schneider. That cosmically significant state legislature seat was vacated by Kent's friend, played by Tom "Luke Duke" Wopat, who is introduced driving recklessly in the General Lee. It was definitely the GL (the doors don't work), but it's painted Union blue. I guess it's actually Superman blue, but still. I am not making this up.

Item 3: In tonight's episode, Santa Clause tries to commit suicide but is rescued by young Superman. I mean the actual Santa Clause himself, not a lunatic or a superpowered scammer dressed up like Santa Clause. Clark Kent shows Old Nick that the spirit of Christmas is not dead, and Santa responds by using his elf magic to finish delivering some presents for Clark.

Great Scott!

So, what awful shows are you watching?

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