Wednesday night open thread

Blogger isn't working so well tonight, but Haloscan is still responsive, so post anything you'd like to talk about. Here are some possible topics to start with:

1. What is Matt Lewis talking about? I know he's following the O'Reillian line, but what does he mean by "allowed?" He puts quotes around it, as if to say he doesn't actually mean that Charlie Brown will be censored. But in parallel with his use of quotes around "intolerant," it seems to imply that "allowed" is a dumb thing to say and he's just pointing that out. But then, what does he think is going to happen to Charlie Brown?

2. On a far more intelligent note, here's a great post about how light guns work. I always figured it had a very low resolution camera in there, but it turns out that it has the lowest resolution. Pretty clever.

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