I can tell you from personal experience that I-69 north of Indianapolis is littered with signs advertising Fairmount, IN as the hometown of both James Dean and Garfield. It is not clear (from the signs) whether the two are in any way related.

Addendum: Oh my God. I was googling to find a picture I came across earlier (of a man in a Garfield costume driving a replica of the car James Dean drove to his death) when I came across this:
Garfield is coming to Grant County next month. Nine cat statues will be placed around the county in an effort to attract visitors and boost the area's economy.

"Hopefully it will get people who come to Grant County for different reasons, to stay a day extra to just go around and visit the Garfield statues," said Pete Beck, project organizer.

Statues of the local feline will be decorated to showcases unique aspects of the community. The first statue will debut in Fairmount with a James Dean theme in May. |Newslink Indiana|

Hell yes that emphasis is added.

Double plus addendum: You just can't make this stuff up.

Fairmount - James Dean Garfield - May 2006
Sweetser - College-bound Garfield - June 2006
Marion - Health and Fitness Garfield - July 2006
Van Buren - Tribute to the Popcorn Capital Garfield - Fall 2006

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