Sunbeams will soon smile through

It's a beautiful morning here in southeast Michigan. I woke up before my alarm sounded and while I still lay in bed I could hear the calls of at least four kinds of birds weaving together like some kind of avant garde jazz fusion. I went down to the porch to pick up the paper and saw that the tulips my landlord planted last fall have bloomed, so now there are rows of bright red blossoms to compliment the yellow daffodils and purple gladioli.

I decided to take a walk.

About a block from my house I passed the remnants of a frat party. Trash and cigarette butts were strewn around the lawn and the porch was ringed with cups half full of last night's abandoned beer. You could smell the stink two houses away. As I watched a homeless man scavenged and lit a cigarette butt and then went up on to the porch and began methodically gulping down the stale beer.

I decided that I needed some coffee.

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