It don't stop

Fifty-seven people were arrested at a sit-in at New York University yesterday as part of an effort to pressure the university to grant its graduate teaching and research assistants union recognition.

Graduate students and union supporters were arrested an hour after the Graduate Students Organizing Committee announced that a majority of graduate teaching assistants had signed a petition saying they wanted the group to be their union. |link|

Addendum: I note that one of people arrested was Cary Nelson, new president of AAUP. I happen to know that there are a metric crapload of tulips growing in his yard in Champaign, Illinois. I know this because I, along with about half a dozen other starving grad students, earned some much needed pocket change last Fall by planting bulb after bulb after bulb. Which is all by way of saying that Cary Nelson knows a thing or two about exploited grad labor.

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