The coolest application on the iPhone is Shazam

The concept behind Shazam is simple: whenever you hear a song playing and can't identify it--on the car radio, at a friend's house, at a bar--you activate the Shazam application on your mobile phone. It "listens" to the song for about 30 seconds, then sends a text message to your phone identifying the artist and title. However, closing the loop with an actual purchase was hard--you had to tag the song, then consult a Web site to see your tagged item, then go to another service (such as iTunes) to buy it.

The version of Shazam for the iPhone 2.0 fixes this problem: once you've tagged a song in Shazam, you can launch iTunes directly from that tagged song and buy the song immediately. | CNET |

It was accurately tagging some pretty obscure music playing on KOOP today, even over significant car noise. The interface is good. It's all over the network, so there are no longer any text messages involved. And you can just keep tagging things and review it all later when you aren't driving.

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