Notes on McCain at the NAACP Convention

Because I can't leave the house until my laundry is dry.
  • Obama is an "accomplished fellow". Classy.

  • A bit of a slip, talking about the advancement of African Americans when we all know that the NAACP is, in fact, committed to the advancement of 'colored people'.[1]

  • Deafening applause for vouchers. Oh wait, that was an awkward silence.

  • $500 million for virtual schools. That's a lot of scratch. Now, I know I'm just a shill for the teachers unions, but this sounds to me like a massive subsidy for the home schooling movement.

  • No new taxes!!!! Huzzah! Thank God McCain is willing to talk straight about the economy.

  • This is a tough crowd for McCain, and I don't really understand why he's here.

  • Oh wait, here's something fun. McCain is talking about how excited he was to hear about the Civil Rights movement while being held as a P.O.W. in Vietnam. Apparently, he was every bit as inspired as those counter-cultural hippies that you're always hearing about. Though he took his inspiration in a slightly different direction, obviously.

  • He's pulling a Carcetti!!!! "Whether or not I win your suport, I need your council." Maybe that'll be enough to bring Odell Watkins on board.

1 -- I kid because I love. But come on. It's not as if 'en double eh see pee' is such a beautiful and poetic acronym that the organization dare not change its name.

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