Kristol on McCain's campaign

McCain is frustrated. He thinks he can beat Obama (politicians are pretty confident in their own abilities). But he isn’t convinced his campaign can beat Obama’s campaign. He knows that his three-month general election head start was largely frittered away. He understands that his campaign has failed to develop an overarching message. Above all, McCain is painfully aware that he is being diminished by his own campaign. | NYT |

What is this supposed to mean, exactly?

If by "his own campaign" Kristol means McCain's decision to flip flop on a number of long-held positions to more convincingly pander to folks like Kristol, then yes, I would say McCain been diminished by his own campaign. But is this distinction between the man and his campaign supposed to imply that McCain is not at the helm? That he has some bad advisors?

Stay tuned for next week, when Kristol laments McCain's tacking towards the center.

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