Privacy in a world bereft of privacy, part 3

Regarding DR's bad dream:

I've been saying that future societies will need to find ways to deal with the complete lack of privacy, and it's time that I start outlining how that might work. I'll start by describing how this kind of event would go down in a well-adjusted version of the future:

1. Idiot thinks it's a good idea to distribute this flyer.

2. The veracity of the claims would be verifiable with a very acceptable level of certainty, through a variety of near-instant methods.

3. If any of the claims (e.g., he molested a child) turn out to be false, idiot pamphleteer is ostracized by polite society, and she might be subject to legal recourse by the object of the flyer, depending on the intent and the demonstrable harm of the flyer.

4. The social security number would be useless. Now, if she'd gotten ahold of one of his 9803-digit private keys and printed that, she would definitely be going to jail.

[7/15/08: Very slightly updated for word choice and grammar.]

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