Why isn't anybody in these parts posting about Peak Oil?

Relatedly, I read somewhere -- maybe Harper's -- that an underground colony of a single celled eukaryote had been determined to have more biomass than exists on the surface of the planet. Don't know if that's true, but it seems consistent with this:
The recent discovery of unusual microbes that thrive at these depths today has greatly expanded our notion of earth's biodiversity and has forced us to re-draw the evolutionary tree of life. Many scientists now believe that the total amount of biomass underground exceeds that of the surface.
If I recall correctly, one of the anti-Peak Oil crazy sciences theories postulated that oil is, contrary to appearances, a renewable resource. The precise crazy science mechanism for oil formation escapes me, but didn't it require that huge reservoirs of as yet undiscovered biomass exist deep underground? If it did, then I say this is a coupe for crazy science!

Also, the Peak Oil guys totally have a feather in their cap right now. I meant to mention that earlier in the post.

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