Can this be true?

I'm considering putting Farscape in my Netflix queue, but if I read things right they've got the episodes oddly divided among the disks. Disk one of season one, for example, supposedly contains episodes #1 and #7. Disk two then has episodes #2 and #4, disk three episodes #3 and #6, disk four #5 and #8 and so on.

I could, by devoting all of my Netflix resources, manage to watch the episodes more or less in order, but that would mean returning disk one as soon as I finish with episode #1 and, later, quickly returning disk three so that I can rent disk one again. The only honest[1] way around this would be to expand my account to four rentals, which seems like a pretty steep premium considering my low hopes for Farscape.

On the other hand, it's at least possible that Netflix has the wrong information[2] about the content of the disks. Surely someone out there has the Farscape 411. Help me out.

1 The dishonest approach, of course, would involve lying to Netflix and claiming that I had returned a disk that I still had, thereby tricking them into sending me a fourth.

2 My advice? Don't even try to rent the first season of Battlestar Galactica through Netflix. The transition from miniseries to series introduced all kinds of noise into their tracking system.

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