How hard do our journalists work?

Not even hard enough to avoid being ridiculous. "Stuck" on Air Force One, they decide to watch King Kong rather than the Hayden hearings. Tony Snow is also on the plane, but now he has a real job, so he opts for the hearings. This only gets reported, by the way, because a journalist wanted to make Snow look good. She wasn't even aware that she was making herself and her colleagues look ridiculous. I can't believe these people have jobs. And, since they do have jobs, I can't believe the people who hired them have jobs.

Update: It's been suggested that I'm too hard on the White House press corp. They work odd hours, so this might have been a legitimate break time for them. Most of them work for institutions that had other people covering the Hayden hearings, of course. So, maybe they aren't as incredibly sucky as The Howler thinks.

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