Morgellons Disease revisited

It's more serious than we thought. Read on.
If these fibers are the result of highly advanced nanotechnology then we have found the disease, and possible who is behind it. But what would be the purpose of forcing this ailment on the population? Torture? To create a new pandemic in order to sell a new drug for a "treatment?" According to the Texas television news report, one young man who recently contracted the painful disease has committed suicide as a result of trying to deal with the pain.

Black nodules, long and short fibers that can't be pulled out and great pain are all highly effective in destroying relationships between couples. Put another way, the suffering is so great that participating in sexual acts are the last thing that victims of the disease will think about doing. The symptoms clearly make population control one important side-effect that cannot be denied. Perhaps south Texas has been selected as an experimental hot-spot. However, the disease has also been found in every state. |Ted Twietmeyer|

Update: Hoax? (via)

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