Who knew people really talked this way?

I thought it was a particular convention of Anime, but at least on Japanese game designer talks the same freakin' way:
There is something that only I can create, and it is desired now. If I'm not going to show my strengths now, when will I? And among all the activities I could undertake, the best way to satisfy the most consumers, including those overseas, would probably be to create Smash Bros.
"Our guys have played Smash Bros. more than 10,000 times!"

It had to be a lie. But when I saw their battle records, it showed a terrible number of matches that were not fabricated.
This had to have been fate.
But we will not flinch! By which I mean, there will be no question about whether or not its fun.

The table has been set, so if I can't enjoy developing this game I will have failed.
Let's take it to the edge with a lot of weird stuff!


By the way, this guy makes the best games ever.

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