Not the omerta, but something

Last night I saw Alejandro Sosa give a talk at the LaborNotes conference. Sosa is the president of United Electrical Workers Local 1110 in Chicago and part of his talk had to do with the struggle the workers at his shop had engaged in to bring in the UE after throwing out what he described as "one of the last corrupt, mobbed up unions," and "little more than a dues collecting scam."

One of the striking moments of the talk came when Sosa declined to name the union that he and his fellow workers threw out. He said, "I won't even waste my breath telling you their name."

"Hah!" I thought. "Google will know."

And surely google does know, but I can't figure it out. The best I could do was this, which didn't answer any questions.
Local President Sosa described a process that took three years and involved ridding the shop of gangster-union control as well as fighting the company to gain UE recognition and a fair first contract. The company stubbornly resisted organization and the contract workers deserved, but Republic workers remained united and tough, Sosa said.

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