Unsurprising news from the world of science

We already knew, of course, that video games make you smarter and that kids who play video games make better soldiers. Now:
Surgeons who warmed up by playing video games like "Super Monkey Ball" for 20 minutes immediately prior to performing surgical drills were faster and made fewer errors than those who did not, said Dr. James "Butch" Rosser, lead investigator on the study slated for release Wednesday.

The research involved 303 surgeons participating in a medical training course that included video games and was focused on laparoscopic surgical procedures -- which use a tiny video camera and long, slender instruments inserted through small incisions. |CNN|

It becomes clearer every day that the path to human salvation lies in video games. I only wonder how it is that video games were developed by a generation of engineers who had never themselves played video games. Truly, that is among the deepest mysteries of our modern world.

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