Knowledge is (almost) power

So, I tend to agree with Zwichenzug's take on the conservative subconscious. I've held some variant of this to be true for many years.

However, from a rhetorical standpoint, it's a non-starter. "You don't know what you want," is too close to "you are too dumb to rationally pursue your own self interest." One doesn't persuade very many people when one starts off with an insult.

So over the years I've made no progress on the inevitable follow-up question: How can we craft our rhetoric to either save Republicans from their subconscious irrationality OR use that irrationality to our advantage?

I lean towards trying to save them. As Bill Clinton said, "when people think, we win." I'm just not that good at getting people to think unless they need a "C" or better from my lit class in order to graduate from college.

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