$28, 500?

That's the cost per plate at tonight's big Obama fundraiser. I don't quite know how to square that with the $2000 limit on personal contributions. My best guess, based on a quick peek at Section 441a of the ever so helpful FEDERAL ELECTION CAMPAIGN LAWS Compiled by THE FEDERAL ELECTION COMMISSION (PDF!) is that part of what these sorts of events offer is a smorgasbord of political committees which allow attendees to package donations up to the aggregate limit of $37,500. But I don't think much of that guess, and anyway it doesn't jibe with my own bake-sale experiences. Anybody got a clue?

Also, the headlines keep talking about Streisand, but the other musical guest is Ben Harper. Which, I'm not a huge fan or anything, but better than Streisand and anyone who has ever followed the Dead has got to admire this.

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