Troopergate Timeline

UPDATE: The most up to date version of this post is The Bellman: Super duper Troopergate Timeline

Below is a timeline of the troopergate scandal. I'll continue to revise and promote as seems necessary.

[7/13/08] Palin abruptly fires Monegan, replacing him with Kenai City Police Chief Chuck Kopp, a prominent member of Alaska's Christian conservative community.

[7/18/08] Palin, first beginning to face allegations that the firing was improper, says “We would never prohibit, or be less than enthusiastic about any kind of investigation. Let’s deal in the facts, and you do that via investigation."

[7/22/08] Chuck Kopp, Palin's hand picked successor to Walt Monegan, admits to having been reprimanded for sexual harassment during his tenure as Kenai police chief.

[7/24/08] Despite apparent proof to the contrary, Palin denies having known about Kopp's letter of reprimand.

[7/25/08] Kopp steps down.

[7/29/08] Palin pledges cooperation after the Legislative Council votes 12-0 to hire independent investigator Stephen Branchflower.

[8/12/09] Despite criticism from both Republicans and Democrats in the state legislature, Palin directs Attorney General Talis Colberg to conduct his own investigation in advance of Branchflower's.

[8/13/08] AG's investigation uncovers tape of close Palin aide Frank Bailey phone call pressuring DPS to fire Wooten.

[8/14/08] Palin admits staff, including Colberg, made at least 20 calls and that "the serial nature of the contacts could be perceived as some kind of pressure, presumably at my direction."

[8/15/08] Branchflower begins work on his investigation.

[8/20/08] Frank Bailey placed on paid leave pending outcome of the investigation.

[8/29/08] Palin tabbed as McCain's pick for VP.

[9/1/08] Because Colberg and the rest of her staff are all subjects of the investigation, Palin hires a private lawyer, Thomas Van Flein, to represent her office.

[9/2/08] Van Flein challenges authority of legislature to conduct investigation, demands move to Palin appointed Personnel Board.

[9/3/08] In an effort to secure jurisdiction for the Personnel Board, Palin files an ethics complaint against herself.

[9/4/08] Citing concerns over jurisdiction, Frank Bailey and other Palin aides cancel previously scheduled appointments to give sworn testimony to Branchflower.

[9/5/08] PSEA files complaint on Wooten's behalf as evidence emerges that Frank Bailey had access to confidential information contained in Wooten's personnel file.

[9/5/08] Representative John Coghill airs first accusations of partisanship, initiates campaign to have Hollis French ousted as manager of the investigation.

[9/9/08] After reviewing Coghill's allegations, Legislative Council Chair Kim Elton refuses to remove French.

[9/9/08] Lt. Governor Barnhill sends a letter to Legislative Council Chair Kim Elton offering administration cooperation with subpoenas in exchange for agreement that administrative employees have right to access confidential employment files.

[9/11/08] Thomas Van Flein alleges that Branchflower is acting unethically, demands that he stop deposing witnesses.

[9/12/08] Responding to Barnhill's offer of 9/9/08, Kim Elton notifies Barnhill that the Legislative Council accepts the administration's interpretation of law regarding personnel files.

[9/13/08] After Branchflower presents evidence that the governor's office attempted to intercede in a Workers Compensation proceeding, the majority Republican Senate Judiciary Committee votes to subpoena 13 witnesses, including Todd Palin and several high ranking members of Palin's administration.

[9/13/08] Barnhill acknowledges Elton's acceptance of the deal, and lays out his plan for scheduling interviews with Branchflower.

[9/16/08] Newsweek's Michael Isikoff reports that the McCain has sent high-powered GOP fixer Edward O'Callaghan to Alaska to coordinate the troopergate cover-up.

[9/16/08] While still claiming executive privilege for all other correspondence, Palin produces emails purporting to show that Monegan was fired for insubordination relating to the budget.

[9/16/08] Palin rescinds pledge to speak to Branchflower.

[9/16/08] Five Republican members of the state legislature file suit seeking an injunction to halt Branchflower's investigation.

[9/16/08] Citing lack of probable cause, Palin submits a filing asking the Personnel Board to dismisss the ethics complaint she filed against herself.

[9/17/08] Attorney General Colberg announces that state employees will not honor subpoenas.

[9/18/08] Todd Palin announces that he will not honor subpoena.

[9/19/08] Todd Palin and two administrative employees fail to comply with subpoenas.

[9/19/08] Murlene Wilkes, the contractor charged with handling workers compensation claims, does appear, changing her statement to indicate that Todd Palin had met with her and instructed her to deny Wooten's worker's compensation claim, under threat of losing her firm's $1.2 million contract.

[9/19/08] ABC News uncovers documents which appear to contradict Palin's account of Monegan's alleged insubordination.

[9/25/08] With no explanation offered, Frank Bailey returns as director of boards and commissions.

[9/25/08] Attorney General Talis Colberg files suit to have the Legislative subpoenas quashed on the grounds that they were improperly issued.

[9/26/08] Palin chief of staff Mike Nizich and six other state employees fail to comply with subpoenas issued by Branchflower.

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