Troopergate quick hits

Tough to find time to keep up with the news during the early part of the week, but here are a few developments that I've noticed. Will try to follow up this evening with more detail/links, but right now I'm rushed:

Item: Palin sort-of went on record yesterday saying that she wasn't going to meet with independent investigator Stephen Branchflower. I say sort-of because rather than coming from her, her attorney, or the Office of the Governor, the statement came from the McCain campaign. The reason given was that the investigation has become a partisan witch-hunt. Judge for yourself.

Item: Meanwhile, Palin is also pushing the story that Monegan was fired for insubordination on budget issues, and has released a number of emails to demonstrate this fact. ADN has the story, but I haven't yet seen the emails.

Item: This is just an observation, but I think it's worth throwing out there. One of the narratives that's starting to take hold about Palin is that she has a problem telling the truth. In the next month or two, she's really going to need voters to believe her side of the Troopergate story. But why would a voter who has been lied to about so many piddling little things believe that Palin is suddenly going to become a truthful when accused of wrongdoing? Why would you take her word on anything?

Item: Speaking of Palin's refusal to testify, in a related move several Republican state legislators have moved to quash the subpoenas in court. We'll see how that goes, but in an apparent break in the ranks, several of the employees from the administrative division (all non-political appointees as I understand it) have said that they will honor the subpoenas.

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